Jay Christian



Jay Christian's many accomplishments have come from strong work ethics and discipline.

In his early teenage years, he studied percussion for six years with instructor and symphony member Norman Fickett from the prestigious Eastman School of Music. This lead to winning a drumming position to play in a professional fifteen piece big band and then a five piece combo with a total of two hundred performances. The next progression was forming his own rock group. After working seven days a week, year round and learning a repertoire of hundreds of songs, Jay appeared onstage with his band, accomplishing a staggering twelve hundred performances in six years, as the drummer, lead singer and frontman. One of the highlights was sharing a venue with Rod Stewart and guitarist Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones.

Even though Jay played four sets, at 50 minutes a set per night, on stages well over 100 degrees at nightclubs and rock concerts, he was always an accessible communicator with hundreds of people, before and after his shows. This honed his abilities as the great interviewer, that he would become in the future.

Years later, the group disbanded and Jay went on as a solo rock artist, composing two albums. During this time, since he had always taken an interest in Hollywood, his multi-talented ability prompted him to write screenplays and movie treatments. He also sent a synopsis to a leading celebrity magazine publisher. The veteran editor recognized his extraordinary talent and contacted him immediately. Although the assignment was on speculation only, Jay took the initiative and gamble to relocate from New York to Los Angeles.

With only a thousand dollars- barely enough to cover the rent- and not knowing anyone in Hollywood, hard work and determination found himself doing an interview with popular television star Valerie Bertinelli just a few weeks later. He sold the impressive story to the national publication and fifteen million readers read the piece. The editors were so pleased, they asked him for more and this was the start of his new found career.

Soon, the Hollywood community and celebrities recognized him, as a great writer and an exceptional interviewer. Jay has a likable, upbeat persona. He has always been devoted to transpose the complexities of an interview into a universal language for all age groups to understand and enjoy. His main focus was celebrity human interest stories and his good reputation stands to this day. All his stories propelled each celebrity to the forefront of public attention and accelerated their careers through his positive articles. Jay's strict upbringing and self-instilled moral ethics have brought him the respect from celebrities, editors, publicists, managers, agents and the public alike.

Five hundred celebrity feature articles and covers later, in a multitude of high readership magazines, has more than proven his capability and professionalism. His feature articles have appeared in magazines such as: InTouch Weekly, TV Guide, Saturday Evening Post, The Star, American Media Magazines, Your Health Magazine, Country Weekly Magazine, Soap Opera Magazine and countless others, including international magazines in England, Scotland and Australia. He has interviewed legendary actors, from the late Doris Roberts, Debbie Reynolds, Bob Hope, Anthony Quinn, Vincent Price, Cornel Wilde, Janet Leigh, Robert Young, Dale Evans, Shari Lewis, Henny Youngman, Michael Landon, Tony Curtis, Dick Clark, Mickey Rooney, and Dick Van Patten to popular icons of today, such as: Harrison Ford, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brooke Shields, David Hasselhoff, Kelly Ripa, David Cassidy, Barbara Eden, Donna Mills, Lou Ferrigno, Justine Bateman, Bo Derek, Michelle Phillips, Connie Stevens, Elvira, TV personalities Jay Leno, Mary Hart, Willard Scott, Richard Simmons, country singers Barbara Mandrell, Tanya Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Lyle Lovett, and so many more!

Jay is renowned all over the world with a repeated print readership exceeding five billion! He's been read by more people in the world than any other celebrity writer and interviewer in Hollywood history!